Weekend in Vienna. This theme is such an easy one – as you might think! But if you spend most of your weekends outside of Vienna it’s quite challenging.

Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs during the last few days so I had to scour my archive. And I think I`ve found something that might fit PABUCA`s theme of the week.

Given the fact that this is my first year in Vienna and I love being outdoors, there was only one weekend I spend in an urban area. At least it’s the only one where I took photos that are not related to nature. 😉

These pictures expose the last moments of the “Holi Festival Of Colours” which was one of my summer highlights 2013. A Saturday with many brightly colored people, numberless powder bags and tons of fun and joy – and a Sunday with three showers to remove all the color from my hair and skin. A weekend that shows that there is fun in Vienna 😉

DSCF8209 Kopie  DSCF8249 KopieDSCF8165 Kopie


8 Gedanken zu „PABUCA – WEEKEND

  1. aaah du warst da auch? mir scheint alle waren da, nur ich habs verpennt. irgendwie ist das total an mir vorübergegangen, dass das so ein highlight-event ist. hmhm.

  2. yeaaah, what a great party !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 …I thought those kind of color-powder-fun would only take place in India. 😉 …but it seems that I was wrong 🙂 Hehe, who was the sponsor of this festival? TECHNICOLOR or PERSIL? 😉

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