No trespassing allowed or how to stay alive

No trespassing allowed. Given the fact that I’m sick for nearly a week, I couldn’t join PABUCA’s theme of the week: “homes”. Which is something, I feel really sorry for ‚cause especially in my district, we have many amazing homes I’d love to show you. Maybe another time when I’m healthy again. 😉

Nevertheless I had to go to the pharmacy today, to get myself some stuff against this nasty cough. And on my way home, there was this really weird sign that caches my eyes. It nearly made me die by asphyxiation ‚cause I started to laugh my ass off – which is a really bad idea when you have to cough at the same time. 😯 But let’s get back to this sign. 😉

Okay, I’m living in an expensive area and yes, there are burglaries like everywhere else, but do the owners really think that this would bar burglars from getting into their home?!
I mean, come on, this is Austria, Europe not the USA (sorry guys). We’re definitely not allowed to shoot at trespassers ‚cause we have different laws. And trespassing is per definition far away from situations, where self-defense would be allowed.

I think burglars who most of the time come from East-European countries, know this. And if not they also wouldn’t give a damn sh** about it. ‚cause when you’re so desperate that you have to turn a crime, you don’t care about the law or words on a sign. Besides, I seriously doubt that they could catch the English words. 😉

no trespassing allowed...

no trespassing allowed…

PS: the most ironic part was that two gardens further, they tried to sell a flat and people who inspected it were coming in and out of the garden. 😀


3 Gedanken zu „No trespassing allowed or how to stay alive

  1. hehehe, maybe the owner meant especially only english speaking burglars and he don’t really care about austrian burglars.Under psychologists is that well known as the anglophobic-burglar-paranoia or better known as the Winona-Ryder-Syndrom. 😉

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